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Where is the justice, when systematic murder is a game? Where is the justice, when women are raped at any time of the day? Where is the justice, when looting is commonplace? …

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The first thing I initially noticed in “Nosferatu” was the organ music. Organ music is underrated. “Nosferatu” cleverly utilizes music to accentuate actions. For example, as Nosferatu is revealed in his coffin the music suspends or holds notes to reflect the shock that Hutter feels…

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The movie “Selma” does an excellent job of portraying juxtaposition and injustice. For example, the first scene of the movie shows Dr. King receiving the Noble Peace Prize and is followed up with the explosion of a church. …

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The first time I had ever watched “Schindler’s List” was two years ago. The first impression I had of the movie was that it was a masterpiece. But why? Initially, I thought it was the plot. World War II had always interested me and…

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“The Two Popes” is an insightful biographical drama that follows the relationship between former Pope Benedict XVI (German) and the current Pope Francis (Argentinian) by interweaving a dynamic relationship, beautiful cinematography, and humor into one piece of work.

The film begins in the year 2005, as the…

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In November of 2019, Burger King was sued on the basis that they cooked their meatless Impossible Whopper on the same surface of which their meat options are prepared. …

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Web cookies are everywhere on the internet and are commonly found on websites, but what exactly are they? …

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Approval. Misogyny. Politics. These are just some of the topics that “Miss Americana”, better known as Taylor Swift, addresses in her newest Netflix documentary that emphasizes the stark difference between Swift’s extravagant performances and raw behind-the-scenes life.

Swift began to write songs at the early age of…

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I once believed that podcasts were folly. That they were somehow an inferior medium to video. I was wrong. Podcasts are powerful. They have no visual to aid them, yet they are full of information that can be accessible to everyone. …

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In 2010 Michael Karjanaprakorn launched the startup, Skillshare, with a mission to make education widely accessible to the public at a reasonable price. Karjanaprakorn was prompted to create the educational platform after he realized that he had become less creative and innovative during his academic career. …

Katheryn Frazier

“Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white” -Anonymous

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