“His Story: The Musical”

Bringing Christ to younger audiences through the format of the musical “Hamilton”

Source: hisstorythemusical.com

“His Story: The Musical” is an audio production of the life of Jesus Christ conveyed through mainly musical theater styled songs. Some of the characters depicted from the Bible include Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Satan, Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, and God. However, if the premise of “His Story: The Musical” is similar to Jesus Christ Superstar, what makes it so unique? The answer stems from the unique mixture of musical genres used in the project to portray Jesus’ life. The project was created by a young Christian missionary, Anna Miriam Brown.

The origin story of “His Story: The Musical” begins with eighteen-year-old songwriter Anna Miriam Brown. Brown heavily pursued artistic interests as a homeschooler and began to write songs by the time she was fifteen years old. While being involved as a missionary in Africa, Brown started to write the songs for “His Story: The Musical” after being introduced to Hamilton by a friend. After traveling back to the Ukraine where her parents served as missionaries, she enlisted the help of her sister in learning the piano to add melody to her lyrics. The two sisters would collaborate on songs regularly. Brown continued to travel as a missionary and created songs for several more years until she was finished. The goal Brown envisioned was to use her songs to expose younger generations to Christianity with the use of music and drama.

Each song presents a pivotal moment in Jesus’ life before, during, and after his time on earth. Soothing ballads, rap, and even reagree can be found throughout the singles that have already been released. “Was the Word” conveys the creation through God in the genre of rap. “Hey, It’s Me” is an upbeat song displaying Gabriel’s message to Mary that she will deliver the Messiah. “Arrive” is a soothing duet between Mary and Joseph depicting the birth of Jesus. “40 Days” showcases Jesus’ purpose on Earth and his relationship with God.

Recording the production has coordinated talented individuals from around the world in regions as far away as Poland, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Jesus will be played by Jamal Moore a professional singer who has performed on NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, toured in more than fifty countries, and created several solo albums. Gabriel Brown, with no relation to Anna Brown, will depict Peter, Satan, The Little Pharisee, and the Angel Gabriel. Brown previously has used his vocal skills in Pixar’s “Finding Dory” and other animated cartoons. The Atom String Quartet and Christian singer Christine Dente have also aided in making the musical content.

The full audio was released on April 14th or Palm Sunday for free on YouTube. It is also available on Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. Many would-be hard-pressed to not add at least one song to their daily playlist, whether Christian or non-Christian.




“Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white” -Anonymous

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Katheryn Frazier

Katheryn Frazier

“Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white” -Anonymous

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