Power to the Podcast

Soul through sound

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I once believed that podcasts were folly. That they were somehow an inferior medium to video. I was wrong. Podcasts are powerful. They have no visual to aid them, yet they are full of information that can be accessible to everyone. Most podcasts are free to download, vary in length and genre as many digital mediums do.

I was first introduced to podcasts when I was looking for something to fill my daily commute. Music was not the solution as I did not want to change music while driving. “What to do? What to do? What to do…” I looked at Spotify and noted the podcast section. “Why not give it a shot?” I told myself.

In the short year that I have started listening to podcasts. I never imagined I would be learning and laughing as much as I did as if a physical relationship had developed between the host and listener. Life and expression indeed tend to burst when a podcast is played.

Listed below are some of my recommended podcasts that I myself listen to. They are accessible on Spotify and other podcast friendly platforms.

  • 99 Percent Invisible- Led by narrator Roman Mars, 99 Percent Invisible centers around the idea of design and its importance in our world. Architecture, graphic design, technology, history, and sound are just some of the topics that are covered in their podcast. After listening, seemingly insignificant subjects will not seem insignificant anymore.
  • Try Pod- The Try Guys deliver in providing a weekly comedy podcast to recount their crazy lives. Ned, Eugene, Keith, and Zack found their success on the platform YouTube. You would imagine that the Try Guys would lose their appeal in podcast format, but no. The best part of the podcast is that the listeners get to hear behind the scenes stories that are not presented in their video content.
  • The Striving Artist- Join Stefan Kunz and Lauren Hom in a fairly newly formed podcast about the life of two artists. As entrepreneurs, the two decided to cultivate discussion on the daily struggles and victories that modern artists face in today’s commercial driven environment.
  • Other suggestions include Freakanomics Radio (economics), Recode Decode (technology), and Flash Forward (what-if).

Next time you think about taking a long walk, commuting to work or waiting for an appointment consider listening to a podcast. Podcasts are aplenty. There is one out there for everybody. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised like me.



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